Emergency Response


In today’s fast-paced, results-oriented business world, accident prevention and risk mitigation are key elements to the success of a business. As emergency responders, we are aware of the confusion that accompanies a major incident such as a hazardous materials release. In an effort to help you minimize your risk and ensure regulatory compliance, Environmental Management will assist you in developing and activating a proactive Emergency Spill Response Contingency Plan to specifically cover the unique requirements of your business. Environmental Management focuses on the regulatory compliance, emergency response and remediation issues allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business operations. Despite the best planning and preventative efforts, incidents involving chemical releases or damage to storage and transportation equipment do occur. When that unplanned incident does occur , Environmental Management provides you with a single number to call for all your emergency response solutions. Your emergency response incident will be managed from the initial notification to the final closure report by one of our highly trained and experienced project managers, regardless of where the incident occurs.


Your single phone call activates our highly integrated  team of  experienced project managers and emergency response coordinators , which are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to your emergency. We can provide containment, overpacking or chemical transfer, site remediation, regulatory notification, and coordination of waste transportation and disposal without costly delays.



When a call is received, the project manager will begin immediate action to obtain all available information.  Once the location and severity of the incident is known, the project manager will carefully evaluate the necessary manpower and equipment needs prior to dispatching response personnel and equipment to the site.  If the incident occurs within our direct response region, we will immediately dispatch our qualified  team with the appropriate response equipment to the incident site.  Environmental Management is the first contractor to be licensed under the Oklahoma Highway Remediation and Cleanup Services Act, our license number is 1001.