At EMI, we know the most important assets we have are our employees.  We take safety very seriously – from entry-level positions all the way to the president of the company.  We have several degreed safety professionals on staff and EMI takes great pride in ensuring the safest work environment possible.  EMI has developed many methodologies that strive not just for compliance with safety regulations, but exceed safety standards and raise the bar for safety expectations.  Safety is a team effort at EMI, for which every employee is responsible.

Emergency Response – As an emergency response company, we know that every situation is different.  We are able to anticipate hazards associated with all known chemicals, in order to provide the safest work environment possible.

Short Service Employee (SSE) program – For all employees who have been with EMI six months or less, we provide the SSE program.  This program allows us to assign different well-qualified mentors to help guide new hires through different safety functions.  During this time, new employees are never allowed to work any safety-sensitive functions without direct supervision.

Field Supervisors – All field supervisors have a proven commitment to all safety and health programs.  All of our field supervisors are able to explain how to perform any task safely, and safely perform those tasks themselves.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – When an emergency occurs, PPE is the only protection available to our employees.  For our employees, we provide PPE that exceeds any safety regulation.  Our project managers have decades of experience with hazardous materials and emergency response, and know how to select the proper PPE to protect our workers.