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EMI’s Product Distribution program is a unique reverse distribution system designed to provide our clients with an outlet for usable products they might otherwise send for disposal.  Products that are off-specification, unused, or outdated & also distressed, damaged, or refused freight are some of the items for which this program was designed.  The program is beneficial to businesses such as to transporters, manufacturers, retail establishments, warehouses & contractors among others.

The Product Distribution program is designed to provide companies an alternative to disposal for their unwanted or unneeded products.  This can greatly reduce the regulatory burden on your company by possibly reducing your generator status & saving you in waste generation fees & reporting.

By working closely with your company, our program can be tailored to your company’s existing procedures or we can assist you in developing a program.  The manner by which we obtain information, evaluate, & authorize items for shipment can be adjusted to incorporate your own tracking numbers & information.

Many companies choose to ship all of their eligible products to a central location, such as an Oklahoma City facility, & either have us pick them up or transport them to us on their own trucks.  Alternatively, third-party transportation arranged by you or EMI can be used to ship products directly to our facility in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Once the products arrive at our location, we become the owner & take complete responsibility for their processing.  We insure that each item is inventoried, verified, & tracked to final disposition in the event you should require that information.  We maintain a list of the current available items on our website & have developed an extensive list of businesses, charities, schools & persons who are happy to put these items to good use.

By giving you a choice for your products, Environmental Management offers your company a unique opportunity to truly accomplish the essence of RCRA by reducing waste generation & promoting environmental health.  For further information on how the Product Distribution program can benefit your company, call us today!





At Environmental Management (EMI) we are committed to assisting you with your facility's waste in the most environmentally sound, legally compliant & cost-effective method available. The proper transportation of waste materials is as important as their treatment & disposal.

Utilizing our own fleet for transportation services or through our long-standing relationships with transporters in other areas, EMI can provide services immediately or concurrently with our other projects to alleviate costs.

We not only provide transportation services, we also provide guidance to you, the generator, so your facility maintains full compliance with your state-specific & all DOT & RCRA federal regulations. From the generation point to the final disposition facility, for one bucket or 5,000 gallons, EMI provides you with safe & economical transportation of hazardous & non-hazardous waste.





EMI performs the identification, classification, packaging & disposal of laboratory chemicals, samples, & out-of-date materials.  We can handle all your small containers of diverse chemicals & substances, both known & unknown.


Our technical staff includes chemists, field chemists & environmental scientists that possess years of related experience & are experts in the classification of hazardous waste according to EPA & DOT regulations.  In addition to disposal, we can also assist with relocation of your laboratory through proper packaging & transportation to your new facility.


For over 30 years universities, government & municipal entities, hospitals, chemical facilities, manufacturing facilities & laboratory research facilities, as well as commercial & private property owners have trusted EMI with their small container disposal needs.





Waste can be anything from household bleach to highly toxic chemicals.  As a producer, transporter or end user, you are required to keep track of the material from the time it enters your facility until it leaves.  In some cases, you are responsible for it even after you have sent it for disposal.  It is essential that your waste is properly identified, characterized & handled in accordance with local, state and federal regulatory guidance.  We will work with you to gather pertinent information about your waste & when necessary, our staff can take samples & provide certified laboratory analysis.  Our professional staff continually searches for innovative solutions to your unique environmental issues & relies on their extensive & diverse experience to develop the best & most cost-effective solution for each project.  We encourage recycling, reuse & volume reduction techniques to reduce your wastestreams & potential liabilities.


EMI is able to assist customers with all of their waste processing needs.  Our facility is permitted as a Transfer Station & as such, we are able to accept & process CESQG hazardous waste, & non-hazardous waste from any generator.  A Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG) is one who generates less than 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of hazardous waste per month.  Disposal of such small amounts can be very costly; therefore, to provide a more cost-effective option, CESQG materials are received at EMI’s facility to be consolidated with other CESQG materials. We perform certain chemical treatments & consolidation services at our facility, then use a network of specialized treatment & disposal facilities throughout the country for final disposition. We ensure quick, efficient, service that will be in full compliance with all local, state, & federal regulations.