The words “Environmental Remediation” are used to define the removal of pollution and contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment or surface water.

Once remediation is recommended, whether after a contaminant release due to an accident, by a government entity such as the Department of Environmental Quality, or a land owner who has incurred a release on their land due to vandalism or accident, immediate action should be taken due to the potential to cause immediate and long range environmental impact. 

With over 35 years of experience and the use of innovative technologies, Environmental Management will provide cost-effective, on-site remediation services in compliance with stringent federal, state and local regulations.  Remediation strategies are as varied and complex as the variety of contaminated sites.  A single project may require the use of one or more technologies proven to be effective for a particular type of contamination in a specific setting, whether it is site geologic and hydrologic surveys, the identification of responsible parties for complete remediation and site closures, or complete site investigations.  Utilizing our strong project management skills and a comprehensive understanding of our clients' requirements, project scope and cost factors, we are able to complete projects on schedule, legally compliant, and within budget.

Environmental Management has experience is a very wide range of remediation projects. 

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Side of Roadway

Remediation of soil resulting from a tractor-trailer accident on a major interstate.  The depth of the excavation was checked to determine the integrity of the highway.  Additional analytical was conducted to ensure the contamination had been removed, while maintaining the integrity of the highway. During remediation inclement weather resulted in rain water spreading contamination into a roadside ditch.



To prevent the runoff from contaminating an adjacent body of water, boom was deployed and an underflow was set-up to stop the contamination from spreading.  Since the contaminate of concern was fuel, which floats on water, boom was left in place for several days, monitored, and replaced as needed to ensure all contamination was removed from both the soil & water. 


Rural Community

In the case of the project shown in the photos around this paragraph, a tractor-trailer ran off the roadway after being involved in an accident  The truck ran into a historic cemetery in a rural community.  The result was tombstones being damaged, and the soil around and over the graves being impacted by diesel.  EMI was called and our staff took extra precaution including the use of specialized digging equipment to not damage the integrity of the graves.  EMI worked closely with town officials to as quickly as possible restore the cemetery.  EMI staff not only performed remediation services, but also assisted cemetery personnel with the cleaning and resetting of  the headstones and bringing in grass mats to restore the area to its original condition 




Testing - Monitoring Well Installation